Wedding PlanningAfter coming home from our engagement/skiing trip we went to my mom’s house to pick up our puppy, Lola. To our surprise, my family and friends were there to greet us with an engagement party. Such a fun way to come home! They had the room decorated with balloons, flowers and signs to welcome us – it was great! For one of the gifts, my friend had bought me this huge binder with everything you could ever possibly need to know about wedding planning – I was slightly (ha understatement) overwhelmed when paging through it. Am I going to need this? How am I going to pull this off?!

Save the Date CardWe got back home late Sunday evening, exhausted, but I squeezed what energy I did have left to play with our save the dates! I know, we don’t have a date, church, photos or reception site picked out, but those things will come in time. All I wanted to do was play with our names and colors; S+D, Scott & Dani, Scott + Dani, save the date magnets or save the date cards? Ohhh, I’m going to love this!

 After finally putting down the computer, Scott and I chatted about the big things with wedding planning – location (his hometown or mine?) budget and guest list. The location was the main factor, and that wasn’t a difficult decision; we both want to get married in the town we currently live in (Scott’s hometown) because that will make it easier to plan everything else: reception sites, flowers, food, etc. I also wanted something different. Scott and I have been to weddings in my hometown, but my friends and family haven’t, so I think it’d be fun for them to come on over to our neck-of-the-woods. Location: check!

RWedding receptionemember that book I talked about that we got from the engagement party? Yep, my friend knew what she was doing. We looked at it step by step and used it to get started picking the reception site, church and guest list. We met with three different reception sites and asked all the right questions (thanks to our handy book) to make sure there weren’t any hidden costs. We crunched numbers on multiple occasions, went through different scenarios and ran through our lists of things that were most important to us, such as a served dinner and an option for a photo booth. After much discussion, we decided on the place we felt most comfortable with and that could meet our needs, fit our budget and accommodate our guest list. We’re so happy with our decision. Reception site: check!

The church wasn’t a tough decision. Scott has always been a member at his hometown church so we decided that would be the perfect place to get married. We met with the church, talked briefly about how the day would go, what upcoming meetings we would have, made sure our date was available, and then signed the papers. Church: check!

Our date is set with both the reception site and the church – 09.21.13! Date: check!

Now it’s time to relax and explore wedding ideas, look at the save the date cards and, of course, wedding dresses!

Save the Date Cards

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