Birthday fun!

My baby turned one on May 25th. Oh, it’s a happy day, but, wow, she is getting so big! My fiancé and I wanted to celebrate her birthday so we threw her a first birthday party and invited all her friends!

Lola has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to cuddle with us and give us sweet kisses at night, and hunt and chase birds during the day. She is such a good girl! Oh yeah, did I tell you Lola is our Springer Spaniel? Yep, that’s right, we had a birthday party for our dog!
lola mae
For her party, I wanted to craft some fun dog birthday party ideas for all her doggy friends to enjoy. It starts with the invitation, and since Lola is a brown and white Springer and wears a pink collar, she inspired the colors of her party. I used Pear Tree’s Color Stream – Retro Party Invitations, and made the background pink and the text brown and ecru.
For her decorations, I bought a pink tablecloth, brown napkins with polka dots in pink and ecru, and light pink and dark pink plates for the human snacks. I ordered extra invitations and cut them to make confetti to spread on top of the table – love confetti! Since this was a dog party, I wanted to have fun with the food choices for the humans. Everyone enjoyed the puppy chow, the ‘Springer’ salad, the delicious milkbone brownies, and doggie do-do (chili cheese dip) with pooper scoopers (Tostitos scoops). I ordered Pear Tree’s You’re Sweet – Valentine Gift Tags to make doggie treat bags to give to her friends that came and celebrated with her. With the few extras, I folded the tags in half to make name cards for the food choices. It was the perfect touch!
To continue with her dog birthday party ideas, we set up a pool with Frisbees, tennis balls, chew toys and tug-of-war toys for her and her friends to enjoy. The dogs had fun chasing, fetching and rough housing with each other, as all of us proud parents watched.
baby girl

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