thank you noteA few weeks ago, I had to bring my car into the shop to get it checked out. Since I had recently moved to town, I asked friends for recommendations and wound up bringing it to a small, locally-owned place in town.

From the beginning, I was pleased with their service. I was able to drop it off in the morning, and one of the employees was kind enough to meet me there before opening and give me a ride to work. Later that day they called to tell me they had found a serious safety issue with the car, completely unrelated to the problems I’d been having. Despite a heavy workload, they were able to get the parts and have them installed the very next day.

When I picked up the car, I found a small package of jelly beans with a handwritten note that said, “Thank you for supporting our locally-owned business.” I had a great feeling about them and knew I’d be going back to them when necessary. Well, that turned out to be sooner than expected.

I was barely halfway home when the car overheated, which was the original problem I’d been having with it. Even though the repair shop had closed up for the day, they sent someone out to help me on the spot. He gave me a ride home and then took my car back to the shop to work on it. Six hours and several phone calls later, he dropped the car off at my house, at no charge to me. It was 11:00 at night! I was amazed and grateful. He said it was all just part of his job.

The next morning there was another bag of jelly beans and another handwritten note in the front seat. He must’ve written it at 11 p.m. I have to say, I was impressed. There were a lot of things that made this an outstanding customer experience, but the handwritten notes were the nicest touch.

Devin is Pear Tree’s New Item Coordinator. He believes in the power of handwritten notes — so much so that he sent this car repair shop a new set of note cards to use for their thank you notes.