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Our Dream Wedding Contest is in full swing and we have so many beautiful engagement stories that we had to share a few with you! There are some crafty, romantic men out there and these stories will put a smile on your face. Remember to vote for your favorite. First place winner receives $1,500 towards a dream wedding dress and custom wedding invitations by Pear Tree!

Wedding contest entryKristi
First, we are both Musical Theatre Students in College. For our Senior Showcase, we did “People Will Say We’re in Love” from the musical Oklahoma. During our last performance, our families were there. The show was going like it had in the past, and all of a sudden, I hear him singing when it was not his turn. I instantly became anxious (As an actor this is the scariest moment. Your mind goes a million miles a minute). I did not break character. My back was turned on him the whole time. Continue reading Kristi’s story…

Wedding contest entry - JessicaWe had gone on a 7day Royal Caribbean cruise, and this is how it ended…It was Friday June 1st, Our 7year anniversary of dating. We went to a VERY nice dinner prepared by a world renowned chef on the Cruise ship. After diner we were heading back to our room and he said I will meet you in the room, I have to go to the bathroom. I walk into the room and I see a display of rose petals on the bed with a card with my name on it (cover photo) I was going to wait for him to get back from the bathroom before I opened it, I figured it was just for our 7year, but something told me to open the card. When I opened the card it said to change into my flip flops (yea for no heels!!) then there was nice words written about our lives together, at the end of the card it said to meet him at the Pub on the ship (a bar that we visited everyday) and that there would be a crew member there waiting for me. I worked my way through the crowd to the Pub and there stood the crew member holding another card for me! Continue reading Jessica’s story…

Wedding contest entry - KelliIt was June 3, 2012. The day after my 24th birthday. We were going hiking and rock climbing at Angel Rocks up here in Fairbanks, Alaska! We had been planning it for a while and we finally got to go. We packed up our gear and my Siberian husky and we were off. The day was pretty much perfect. There was a nice drizzle on and off which is nice. We hiked approximately 2.5 miles along a river then straight up to the tors. We reached main rock and did some free climbing on it and decided to keep going up on the trail. The tors and trail made a loop. We got to the highest point and I decided to climb up to the top of this giant tor. It was BEAUTIFUL! He climbed up and was like “WOW! Let me grab the camera!” So he climbed down and then climbed back up and was setting up the camera to take a picture so I thought. I was standing there posing and he gets next to me then gets down on one knee and I said “NOOOO way!!! Are you serious?!” Then he pulled a ring out of his pocket, grabbed my hand and said “I love you and I want to spend forever with you, will you marry me” And before he even got the question out I kept saying “yeah, yeah, YEAH!!” And after he asked I said “YES!! Are you serious!?” He was like “YES I’m serious” and we were laughing and *gasp* he dropped the ring!! Continue reading Kelli’s story…

Wedding contest - MeganChris is a sneaky one. Every year, Chris goes home for Christmas to visit his family in Boston. I cried as I dropped him off at the Long Beach Airport knowing I wouldn’t see him till around New Years. However, this year Instead of him flying out to Boston to visit his family, he waited at the airport for his family to fly into Long Beach. Once his family flew into Long Beach, they all stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and hid out for a couple of days. My family and I had plans to go to Disneyland on Christmas Eve. My mom said she wanted a picture of the four of us in front of the Christmas tree. To make my mom happy, my dad, mom, sister, and I all stood in front of the Christmas tree at Disneyland and waited for the snow to fall so the photographer could take our picture. As the snow started to fall, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see who it was, IT WAS CHRIS! Continue reading Megan’s story…

Wedding contest - CheriIf I had a dollar for every surprise Kale ruined, I’d be a millionaire. That’s why his proposal was so shocking. We dated for 1 1/2 in high school and went our separate ways for almost 3 years when fate brought us back together. Kale used to work at the Redhawks Baseball field in Downtown OKC. I’m not one to endure the heat but I went to games when I could. On July 30th 2011 I went to a game with his parents and was told that prizes were going to be given away in the middle of the 3rd inning… SWEET! 3rd inning comes around and Kale has time to come sit with me and his parents. They went on with the usual games and gimmicks and then the kiss cam came on. What went through my head? “those things are rigged, I never have nor will I ever be on the kiss cam…” Then the camera man starts walking toward us… WOOHOO! SPOTLIGHT! I’m looking at the big screen when I see our faces. I turn to kiss him but he gets out of the seat and down on one knee. Continue reading Cheri’s story…

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