Our Dream Wedding Contest is in full swing and we have so many beautiful engagement stories that we had to share a few with you! There are some crafty, romantic men out there and these stories will put a smile on your face. Remember to vote for your favorite. First place winner receives $1,500 towards a dream wedding dress and custom wedding invitations by Pear Tree!

“I’ll never forget the day the love of my life proposed to me. It was the most perfect way I could I ever imagine and would not change anything about it. It all happened on Monday, February 20, 2012. My fiancé, Piti, asked me to go to Santa Barbara, CA for the weekend to go visit his family. After the weekend, Piti said we would meet up with his family at the Santa Barbara Mission for a tea party at a nearby place before we head back home. When we arrived, we sat down at a bench at the rose garden to wait for everyone. As we sat there, Piti began talking about all the things he loved about me. All of a sudden, I thought I saw an old lady wearing a blue t-shirt that looked like my grandma walk by. Then followed by a man also wearing a blue t-shirt that strangely resembled my dad! As they got a closer and closer towards Piti and me, I realized it actually was my grandma and my dad! More and more people started to follow behind them in blue t-shirts! I soon realized it was my entire family and Piti’s family walking out in those blue t-shirts. One by one they each lined up and as they connected, the shirts spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY”. Piti then got up and took his shirt off and underneath he was wearing a blue t-shirt which said “ME?”.  Continue reading Kathy’s story

Akil and I have been dating for three years. He surprised me for my birthday 6/26 with Micheal Jackson Cirque De Solei tickets for friday 6/29. (I’m a HUGE MJ fan…hence the glove in our engagement photo.) After the show we went to our favorite bar Midtown Tavern. When we arrived he shocked me with an entire bar full of our friends for my surprise 29th birthday party. He then popped in another surprise and had flown in my little sister/best friend from Michigan as a part of the surprise. Continue reading Stefanie’s story

HeatherOwen asked me to go to the Drill Field, the center of Mississippi State’s campus, so that he could pitch an idea to me about a video for the MSU Foundation before he pitched it to his boss. In the three years of us dating he has never asked my advice about work, so I knew something was up. When we got there, one of the MSU fraternities was having a walk-a-thon and rap music was blaring. I was thinking to myself, “Oh goodness, what if he proposes?” I was so nervous because of how populated the Drill Field was that I started shaking. Owen led me towards one of the statues on campus where the sidewalk splits into six different directions. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, the following “I think this is a really important spot on MSU’s campus because the sidewalk points to all of these important places on campus. It points to Engineering Row, Lee Hall, wear Old Main used to be and even the Chapel of Memories. Then I realized that it also pointed to some very key points in our relationship. Campus Trails where we had our first kiss, McCommas Hall where we met, Carpenter where we would hang out in between classes, and the rest of Starkville where I fell in love with you.” Continue reading Heather’s story

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