Whatever you do, the experienced moms at Pear Tree say, don’t forget to bring the camera along on your summer vacation. Not just for the memories, but because those vacation photos may just be the best family photos you get all year. And come November, when you’re looking back over the year’s highlights for something to include in the annual Christmas photo card, you’ll be awfully glad you have them.Christmas in July photos

We see a lot of Christmas cards, and some of the best are the unexpected summer vacation photos. Take it from those of us who’ve done it, a family portrait is a lot less work when the family is already in one place. Even better, you’re usually all similarly dressed for the occasion, whether you’re at the beach, the Grand Canyon, or Disneyland. No need for matching shirts (unless your family is into that sort of thing).

Don’t just limit your Christmas photo ideas to one group shot with beautiful scenery in the background. Take lots of photos–photos of just the kids, just Mom & Dad, solo shots of each kid, or the kids in pairs doing silly things. This gives you more options when choosing photo Christmas cards, since many designs have room for more than one photo, or even a collage.

And here’s something else to think about. Once you have your photos, there’s nothing to stop you from ordering your holiday photo cards in the middle of the summer if you feel like it. (You can even save 25% on all Christmas items with promo code OHWHATFUN if you order by July 31, 2012!) Just think how good that would feel, how calm your November would be, knowing that your Christmas cards are stamped and ready to drop in the mailbox the day after Thanksgiving!