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This lucky mom’s surprise 60th birthday party has been chosen as this month’s Featured Favorite, both for the darling decorations as well as the nerve of the two sisters who planned, plotted and pulled it off right under their mother’s nose.

“It was tough to keep it a surprise, especially since it was in her backyard!” says Shea, one of the party-planning sisters. Their plan was to set up the whole party in the back yard, while mom took a nap in the house. “My husband and I live out of state, so we had to have everything prepared ahead of time in order to set up within a 2-hour window that she would be taking a nap. It was a bit hectic, but we managed to pull it off. She was very surprised.”birthday party invitations

Guests were warned in the invitations to keep it a secret, but arrive at 6 p.m. for a summer cocktail party. The Bold Numbers birthday party invitations featured their mom’s birth year, 1952, and became perfect additions to the party décor. “When I host a party, I always use any extra invitations as decorations by displaying them throughout the party,” The blue, white and gray colors of the invitation were carried throughout all of the surprise birthday party ideas and decorations.

“After the sun set, guests relaxed around a fire as the night came to an end. Everyone had a great time.” Thanks to your excellent planning, no doubt!