Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

The colorful ribbon winding its way down our Ring Around the Ribbon modern kids birthday invitations set the stage for one very colorful rainbow birthday party at celebrations.com. All the birthday party ideas tied into the rainbow color scheme, right down to the rainbow ice cream cake and assortment of colored fruit drinks.
Rainbow bright kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #rainbow

A homemade birthday banner hung across the yard with colored flags cut to match the ribbons on the invitation. Even the snacks were part of the décor, with serve-yourself veggies, fresh fruit, and salty snacks lined up in a rainbow of color on the serving table. Each snack tray was topped by a color-coordinated bath toy, like the little gold fish swimming in the baby carrots. Colorful stuffed toys also made perfect centerpieces for the tables (and gifts for the guest of honor, later).
Rainbow bright kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #rainbow
Rainbow bright kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #rainbow
Twister was the party game of choice, and its colorful circles fit right in to the party theme. Lastly, the favor bar, with its colored buckets of equally colorful treats and trinkets, was a huge hit with the kids. Each pint-sized guest filled a favor bag with anything and everything their little hearts desired. Round gingham birthday favor stickers, personalized with the birthday year, decorated the party favors and bags.
Rainbow bright kids birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #kids #birthday #rainbow

See more photos and rainbow birthday party ideas at celebrations.com. You can also find lots more kids birthday party ideas on our blog, or browse our kids birthday invitations for more ideas.

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