This past weekend, we had my family come to town to attend one of the most exciting events there is, other than the wedding itself – WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! My mom, maid of honor, sister-in-law and niece went with me to a couple of local wedding boutiques. After my wonderful weekend, I have a few wedding dress shopping tips to share.

I prepared for wedding dress shopping by browsing online and printing pictures of my favorite dress styles to give the attendants an idea of what I like. I did my hair and makeup as if I was going out so when I was looking in the mirror I was getting the full picture of what I would look like on our wedding day. And lastly, I brought a camera with to take photos of me in the dresses (some places may not allow this, but my reasoning was that wanted be sure I liked how I looked in the photos before I was going to buy the dress).

We arrived at the boutique and everyone there was so excited!. My consultant was waiting for me with a big smile, and she got us situated in a fitting room immediately. She showed us around the boutique and then asked us to start picking some dresses in my style. It was slightly overwhelming, but SO much fun! Once I got to try some on, it was even more fun. We went through quite a few and separated them into maybe’s and no’s. Then we went through all my ‘maybe’ dresses again.
wedding dress shopping
We had some amazing contenders, but once I put on the last ‘maybe’ dress I fell in love! It fit me perfectly. I absolutely loved everything about it! I confidently, excitedly said, “YES!” to this dress! I was walking around in circles. I was dancing. I was sitting. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in this dress. And I highly recommend all of my wedding dress shopping tips, since they worked so well for me!

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