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Christmas contest
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It’s the end of November and by now you have started gathering ideas for family and friends’ Christmas gifts. Or maybe you don’t use a list but shop throughout the year when you get a hint or idea for the perfect gift. Either way, it’s fun to try to find that one gift you know they’ll love. And we want to know in this Christmas contest, what is the best gift you’ve given or received? It can be something sentimental, something funny or something that really surprised you and stays with you every Christmas.

If you comment below with your answer to this Christmas contest you will be entered to have a chance to win $50 to Pear Tree Greetings. You can spend it on whatever you would like – Christmas cards, Christmas thank you cards, Christmas notelettes, save the dates – anything! Three winners will be drawn at random. Contest ends December 9, 2012.


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28 thoughts on “Christmas Contest: Favorite Gift

  1. The best gift that I gave was a Wedding DVD set to music with pictures to my friend of her wedding. It was a very small wedding and she did not have a lot of money to spend on the wedding so this DVd was a little memento to remind her of her wedding day. She was overjoyed!!!!

  2. The best gift I have ever received was a signed picture of David Suchet from my Dad. David Suchet play Agatha Christie’s character Hercule Poirot. Growing up I was an avid lover of all things Agatha Christie and that gift meant so much to me. I was given that gift years ago and still cherish it every Christmas!

  3. The best gift I have received was Tickets to see Celtic Women which my boyfriend (who is now my fiance) at the time surprised me with. I had knew they were doing a Performance in my area and was longing to go and really hadn’t told anyone and he went and got the tickets

  4. The best gift I ever received was from my husband. He built me the kitchen table of my dreams so we could have friends over for dinner and all fit around the table. It was a labor of love

  5. The best gift I have ever received was when I was pregnant with my son (our first). That Christmas, my husband told me that he wanted to work two jobs so that I could stay home to raise our son. He knew how much I liked my corporate job but, how much more I longed to raise our son instead of having someone else take care of him. To date, it is the best present I have ever been given.

  6. The best gift I ever got was from my biological brother that I met for the first time last year. From photos he took himself he made me personalized name art.

  7. Last year I got engaged to my amazing fiancé and for Christmas I made him a photo book telling the story of us. The book goes in order from when we first started dating, through him moving in, trips we’ve taken, lazy days at home and even the photos I took the day we got engaged. I’m a photographer so I had my camera with me on that very special day 🙂 the book ends with us getting engaged. I cried while I was putting it together, I cried when i saw it finished and we both cried when I gave it to him on Christmas. Definitely the best gift I’ve ever given!

  8. The best gift I got was this year! My inlaws surprised us with a trip to Florida! This will be our first family vacation ever as a family of 4 and I will get to see my brother who lives there- I haven’t seen him in two years!

  9. It may sound silly or simple or predictable, but the best gift I’ve received was my daughter, Fiona. After struggling to have a child for five years, and suffering losses along the way, after tons of doctors visits and being told it would be a miracle if it happened, it finally did. My daughter arrived on May 2nd this year. This first Christmas with her reminds me of what the holiday is truly about – being thankful for the little things, the way her face lights up when she sees her daddy, the smile when we sing crazy songs. She truly is a miracle baby and she’s the best present her dad and I have ever received.

  10. One special x-mas my mother could only give me one present. It is the most cherished x-mas present ever. She gave a book titled “Humor y Amor de Aquiles Nazoa”. This book is full of Humor and Love as it’s title states and I considerate my classic and best x-mas present ever. I don’t know if it is because of the actual book: one of the bests or because is the one gift my mother could give me that special x-mas eve. Either way it is and probably will always be my most cherished x-mas present ever.

  11. The best gift I received on Christmas was when I was in second grade. All I wanted was the full collection of The Simpsons dolls from Burger King. I opened my last gift under the tree and lo and behold – it’s Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie! I’m sure “Santa” had to pack on a few pounds to acquire the collection, but that joyous photo of me holding the dolls will go down in family history. It’s the little things.

  12. One of my favorite memories from childhood was getting a Nerft foam football that looked like a brain. It was weird because I didn’t like sports (or brains, haha) but I for some reason really wanted that from a toy catalog, and was overjoyed to actually receive it!

  13. The best Christmas gift I received was from my uncle; a framed photo of me as a little kid! He took it while our family was on vacation years and years ago, I had no idea he was so sentimental, it brings a smile to my face each time I see it.

  14. The best gift I ever received was from my father when I was 5 years old. He got me a candle shaped like a unicorn, and a candle holder with unicorns on the side…when the flame is lit in the candle holder the unicorns appear to dance.

  15. The best gift I have recieved are my 2 children. This year my husband has made a cut out of the Nativity Scene (Cresch of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the stable) from wood, painted it, put a spotlight on this as part of our Christmas Decoration. This has made me so very happy.

  16. The best present I ever received was right after I had my daughter. My husband was leaving for his first deployment to Iraq two days after Christmas and he surprised me with a dress to wear so we could go out to a nice dinner since I had nothing that fit yet. At dinner he gave me a DVD he made of pictures of us and our kids and at the end he promised to always come home and dance with me again. Once the screen went dark he stood up and asked for me to dance with him in our living room. Perfect present ever and having that memory and DVD was a great thing to hold on to while he was gone.

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