Family Christmas CardYour family isn’t like everyone else’s, and your Christmas card shouldn’t be either. The way we look at it, Christmas cards are a once-a-year opportunity to share a bit of your family’s personality—along with your holiday greetings and good wishes, of course. Creating a card that is unique to your family is all part of the magic.

Holiday insert from ConnorOne of our favorite family Christmas card ideas is to write the annual Christmas letter from an unexpected viewpoint. The youngest child in the family, for example, has a unique (and often overlooked) perspective of the year’s events. A Christmas letter sharing the family news in your child’s voice can be charming or hilarious, or both. If your child is old enough, you might even ask him or her to write it, or you can ask a few leading questions to get some ideas and write it yourself. You know your child best. Put yourself in those little shoes and you can probably write something that sounds just like they wrote it. Click on the thumbnail for a super cute example from last year.

Our Christmas letter inserts are perfect for this purpose. As long as your card is big enough, you can tuck the insert inside and change the color and text font to match or complement your card. There are also plenty of Christmas cards that are designed to include space for a Christmas letter or lots of text, such as timeline cards.

There are other family Christmas card ideas that will add personality. Unique photos, favorite colors and a special greeting can all make a big difference. The important thing is to make it come from the heart. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

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