Address labels for wimps? We beg to disagree. Address labels are the best things to happen to addressing Christmas cards since the invention of the printing press (the one that prints sticky back address labels, anyway). Here at Pear Tree we wouldn’t order cards without them and there are several good reasons why.
Addressing Christmas Cards

These handy little labels not only save time addressing Christmas cards, they give your envelopes a ton of personality to help your greetings stand out in the mail. While we’re at it, we might as well dispel the myth that return address labels have to go on the front upper left corner of your envelope. They look even better on the back, which is where your friends and family will get a surprise when they flip to open your card.

Even better, no licking! Depending on the size of the envelope, you can stick our address labels over the flap edges on the back and you won’t even have to lick the envelopes shut. Now, that’s putting your money where your mouth used to be! And starting at just 17 cents each (or just $3.99 for a minimum order of 24 labels) these little darlings are worth every cent.

So next time you hesitate over whether or not to go for the matching address labels, think about the licking those envelopes and see if that doesn’t change your mind. Look for matching Christmas address labels for all of our Christmas cards, and find out how easy they are to personalize, too!

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