Christmas card shopping Myth #3: You can’t afford cards for everybody on your list

We know, the cards are sooo tempting, but your mailing list is sooo long that you can’t afford to send one of these fun cards to everyone. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve to solve this dilemma. Here are a few ways to trim your budget without trimming your mailing list.

  1. Send 2 different holiday cards: splurge on the card for close friends who live nearby, and send a different card to those who live far away (or at least won’t be comparing cards over the holidays). Or choose a card with room for newsy details to send to those you haven’t seen in a while, and just photos for those you see often.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Peekaboo ChristmasPhoto Christmas Cards -- Photo Montage and Memories
  2. Look for flat, 2-sided photo Christmas card ideas for the best prices on our premium cardstock, matte-finish designs.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Softly SnowingPhoto Christmas Cards -- Travels and Memories
  3. Check out our Christmas postcards. They’re among our lowest-price designs, yet still offer plenty of room for photos, and you’ll save on postage—only 32 cents to mail, vs. 45 cents for most regular cards.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Stripes and Snowflakes Horizontal PhotoPhoto Christmas Cards -- Simple Script
  4. Our new photo paper Christmas cards are our most affordable options. These one-sided cards are printed on professional photo paper, with a lustrous semi-glossy finish.
    Photo Christmas Cards -- Radiant Christmas StarsPhoto Christmas Cards -- Snapshots

The nice thing is, our Christmas cards are so easy to personalize that once you have the first card done, you can order a second design in minutes, using all the same photos and text. And it doesn’t cost extra to send two designs. If you like, you can even look for cards with similar designs but different formats, such as Christmas card magnets or postcards, so everyone will get a similar card. Remember, no matter what you decide to send, it’s the thought that counts.

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As the marketing copywriter for Pear Tree, Cathy knows how intimidating writing a Christmas card or thank you note can be. When she is not writing, she is busy gardening, doing DIY projects around the house or trying to keep her three teenage boys in line.