You’ll coo over our new baby announcement ideas

It’s hard not to love our new baby announcement ideas! Our favorite designs include an elegant floral pattern in an oval shape, a sunny mobile, and a die-cut baby booty to pick just a few. If you’re looking for baby announcement ideas as unique as your baby, you’ll love these.

Shining with Joy -- Birth Announcements
Shining with Joy — Birth Announcements
Your little sunshine is the star in these birth announcements. Three sunny circles string together with silver ribbon to create a custom design that can hang in loved ones’ homes. Two of the circles hold favorite photos of your new baby, while the third one holds the birth details in white and orange against a yellow background.

Colorful Celebration in Pink -- Girl Birth Announcements
Colorful Celebration in Pink — Girl Birth Announcements

Your baby girl has arrived, and now it’s time to celebrate and share the wonderful news! The unique design of four circles strung together with silver ribbon makes a festive confetti-covered banner for friends and family to hang in their homes, and has room for two photos and the birth details. (Colorful Celebration in Blue also available.

Poppy Flower Perfection in Pink -- Girl Birth Announcements
Poppy Flower Perfection in Pink — Girl Birth Announcements

These elegant birth announcements provide the perfect setting to announce the wonderful news of your little one’s arrival. An oval cut-out shape with delicate floral border surrounds your baby’s birth details. You choose the colors to accompany the grey flowers and ecru background. Poppies fill the back, too, in your choice of color.

Sweet Feet in Blue -- Boy Birth Announcements
Sweet Feet in Yellow — Boy Birth Announcements

What could be sweeter than a handcrafted bootie for your adorable little girl? These birth announcements are covered with a knit pattern and cut out in the shape of a bootie with a decorative ribbon tied around the cuff. Be sure to order Assembly Services to have us tie the ribbons on for you! (Sweet Feet in Pink also available.)

Whimsical Wonder in Pink -- Girl Birth Announcements
Whimsical Wonder in Pink — Girl Birth Announcements

Opening this baby announcement is like unwrapping a little bundle of joy. Two panels covered in sweet little animals and a floral pattern open in the middle to reveal three favorite photos and the wonderful details of your little girl’s birth. (Whimsical Wonder in Blue also available.)



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