“Are you ready for some footbaaaall?!” Oh, are we ever. We are so excited to share our new football party ideas with you. This football-shaped tissue pom is the ultimate décor to debut at any Super Bowl party! Watch the ‘How to make a football-shaped tissue pom’ video below and we think you will agree it is the perfect addition to your party. But, the fun doesn’t stop with football party ideas; you can use it for a kid’s birthday party or as decoration in your child’s bedroom. Genius, right? Alright, it’s kick-off time:

The supplies you need are:
1. Brown tissue paper
2. A scissors
3. Ribbon or twine
4. White cardstock for the laces
5. Glue dots

How to make a tissue pom:
1. Lay the tissue paper out flat (10 sheets)
2. Trim top two sheets by five inches on each side
3. Trim next two sheets by two inches on each side
4. Flip the tissue paper over and repeat steps 2 and 3
5. Fold the tissue paper accordion style, making the folds 1-1.5 inches wide
6. Tie your ribbon or twine around the middle of the tissue paper
7. Pull the tissue paper apart and start fluffing
8. Cut out the printable football laces and attach two glue dots to the top two corners
9. Attach the laces to the last middle-length tissue paper on both sides
10. Tie a long string or fish line to the pom and hang!

While we did have a lot of trials and errors when creating this football-shaped pom, we are very pleased with how it turned out! Be sure to check back and see how we used these poms for our office Super Bowl party! And read more party ideas from our blog.

Click here to get the printable laces you saw in the video.