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Save the Date Cards -- Happily Ever Headlines
We love to look at the save the date cards our customers order. (Who doesn’t love a good engagement story?) This simple tri-fold Happily Ever Headlines – Save the Date Card intrigued us with its beautiful photos and we wanted to know more. Bride-to-be Megan was happy to tell us her story.

“To tell you the truth,” she says, “we aren’t like most couples. I don’t remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Wes, and I certainly don’t remember our first date, but I figure that is acceptable if you met at the tender age of 11. Wes and I dated on and off throughout our middle school years. We spent many middle school dances dancing to KC and JoJo. Who knew at that point that it was only the beginning of a life-long friendship?”

“Our relationship developed in high school, and we knew after dating throughout college at the University of Iowa that we were in for something serious. When I took a 4th grade teaching job in a small town in Northeastern Iowa, and Wes was willing to follow me, I was relieved to know he was probably going to stick with me for the long hall!”

“He proposed on New Years Eve day. I was still in my pajamas, just having rolled out of bed. Not the most glamorous thing I had pictured, but that is just how Wes operates—simple, to the point, and so extremely genuine it makes your heart hurt.”

“The wedding planning process has been quite the project. Lucky for me, Wes leaves most of the tasks to me. I would have to say designing and ordering our save the date cards has been, by far, the easiest job! The process was simple, and I felt like I could include a creative and personal piece to the card. It turned out amazing! I’ve already started handing them out to family during holiday festivities and have received a lot of compliments!”

We wish Megan and Wes a beautiful, memorable wedding day and a marriage that lasts even longer than their courtship! You’ll find lots more fun customer stories as well as save the date ideas on our blog. Or check out our save the date card collection to find one that fits your own save the date ideas.

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