Kids Classroom Card Ideas with Washi Tape

As the Director of Product Development for Pear Tree I work with designers to build the best products for our customers. When I’m working on a project for my own family I tackle it the same way. I start with the big picture then define the requirements and finally focus on the details.

Big Picture (theme): Washi tape.
Requirements —
1. My kids would be involved in assembly. (Needs to be easy to do.)
2. My oldest needs to write (in cursive) the names of his classmates. (Needs extra envelopes for potential mistakes.)
3. My daughter could not bring candy. (The “treat” needs to be flexible.)

These are the three Valentine’s Day card ideas for kids that I came up with–easy, mistake proof and flexible!

1. Washi tape
2. Pen
3. Small paper
4. Lollipop
5. Crayons

Variation #1: Lolipop treats
Use the washi tape to add a treat to the front of the envelope and on the back to secure it closed.
Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Variation #2: Personal touch
Use the washi tape to add a small piece of paper to the front of the envelope for your child to write their classmate’s name on it. Then, on the back of the envelope, use another piece of washi tape to secure it closed. It’s perfect for kids who want to write the names on the front, and it helps with mistakes.Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Variation #3: No candy
Use washi tape to add a crayon or a small box of crayons to the front of the envelope. It‘s a great non-candy treat and it’s perfect for our coloring cards.Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

These were such fun Valentine’s Day card ideas for kids. My children enjoyed creating their valentines for their friends.

Be sure to read our blog for more Valentine’s Day ideas and don’t forget to order you classroom valentines from Pear Tree Greetings!


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