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Valentine's Day cards
Our new kids’ classroom valentine card ideas are especially dear to us. So when we see that other people love them, too, it makes us happy. This month’s featured favorite is actually two cards—two kids’ valentine’s day cards for a brother and sister, each with strong opinions on what kind of card they wanted to hand out at school.

Mom, Suzy, says of our classroom valentine card ideas, “I personally love that they’re just the right size, they come with envelopes, and they are both personal and unique.” Her son was not so sure. “My son was very hesitant to have a valentine with his own picture on it, but when I showed him the mustache card he laughed and said, ‘I will do that one!’ He is excited to hand them out at his class party, because he is certain all of the kids will love them—both boys and girls—which is a hard thing to accomplish in third grade.”

Suzy’s daughter is in preschool, so Mom thought it would be easier for kids that age to see her face on the card than to have to read her name. “Aubrey really liked the idea of her picture on it. We chose the Queen of Hearts and it’s equally as perfect. She did not want a standard valentine with her photo, and she loved, loved the idea of being the Queen! We showed her a deck of cards, and she loved that she now has her own card!”

It appears that everyone agrees, these are valentine card ideas that both moms and kids will love! And if you’re on the search for more valentine ideas, be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Ideas Pinterest Board or start personalizing your kids Valentine’s Day cards or classroom valentines!