Easter Craft IdeaI love doing crafts and activities with my kids, and especially had fun doing this Easter craft idea with them, the Bunny Finger Puppet. They can pick their own colors and create their own bunny faces, then play with them when they are done. It’s an easy way to put a little fun in your Easter week!

Embroidery thread
ScissorsEaster Craft Idea

Step 1. Download and print this template for the bunny face and ears. Cut out the pieces and trace them onto your felt with a pencil.
Easter Craft Idea

Step 2. Cut out the 4 pieces you traced and a tiny triangle for the nose.
Easter Craft Idea

Step 3. Thread your needle with one strand of embroidery thread and tie the ends together to create a double strand. Stitch the eyes and mouth using my design or making up one of your own. Place the triangle nose on top of the mouth and tack it down, sewing through the back of the felt triangle so the thread doesn’t show through. Then use a simple running stitch to sew the inner ear color onto each ear.
Easter Craft Idea

Step 4. Place the face on the head and sew both pieces together using a small running stitch all around the perimeter.
Easter Craft Idea

Hope you have fun creating your own bunny finger puppet! You can use this idea to make any animal – bat, bird, monkey – the ideas are endless. We’d love to see your Easter craft idea on Pinterest. Tag us @peartreegreet in your pin!