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Graduation Announcement Ideas
When our designers are creating graduation invitation ideas, they envision them being chosen by families just like this one, proud of their son and wanting to celebrate his big achievement the same way they got there—as a family.

Says this grad’s mom, Renee, “As we began participating in the planning for the formal school celebrations and our own family & friends celebration, it became apparent to us how proud we are of Cody and his achievement. Whether it was the late night study sessions, homework assignments or cramming for a test, we realized we took this journey together as a family, and that’s how we want to celebrate it! The graduation invitations from Pear Tree Greetings allowed us to express this and are very reflective of our family’s sense of humor. We can’t wait to send the invitations out to our family and friends and have them join us to celebrate our achievement!!”

That’s what graduation is all about. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. You can find Cody’s Big Impression Graduation Announcements and Snapshot Memories personalized graduation napkins at Pear Tree, along with our new party decorations! Browse our collection for more graduation invitation ideas.

Graduation Invitations