Graduation Party Checklist: Set the Date

Not sure where to start with your graduation planning? Welcome to our graduation party checklist, a series of posts on what you can be doing right up until graduation day!

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Setting the date just might be the hardest step in planning your graduation party. There will be lots of parties, and finding a date all to yourself may not be possible. But experienced moms have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Have your party early. Experienced moms know that party attendance drifts off later in the graduation season. Be one of the first, and everyone will be there! This usually means having your party a week or two before the actual graduation.

Avoid the rush and have it later. Having your party later in the summer can be a nice solution that gives everyone something to look forward to. Just don’t make it too late, since many students are heading off to college in mid August.

Consider a different time of day. Instead of the popular evening hours, have a brunch, or an afternoon dessert party. That way, your grad’s evening will be free to attend other parties. You can also limit the party to a few hours. This will also help keep costs down by allowing you to focus on just a few menu items, or a simple theme.

Coordinate with friends to avoid conflicts. Every grad wants his or her best friends at their grad party, but accommodating everyone else’s schedule is nearly impossible. Just be sure to coordinate dates and times with your grad’s closest friends. Another option is to join forces and have the party together!

Be aware of any school events or activities that might conflict with your party date. And if you have out-of-town guests arriving to attend the graduation ceremony, their travel plans must be taken into consideration when setting the date.

Once the date is set, you can begin picking out graduation invitations. Watch for our next gradation party checklist post for tips on ordering your graduation invitations! And be sure to check out these earlier posts in the series:
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