Planning a bridal shower just got a lot easier with the introduction of our newest collection of bridal shower invitations. The new invites showcase some of the most current trends in bridal shower themes, from bold colors to innovative type treatments and party décor.

Be sure to check out the matching bridal shower decorations, which will make it easy to carry these bridal shower themes through every step of the party planning, from the bridal shower invitations to the bridal shower decorations to the bridal shower thank you cards.

Our new invitations fall into three key trends in bridal shower themes.

Bold Colorful Type
Bridal Shower Invitations -- Golden HuesBridal Shower Invitations -- Pink and Purple BubblesBridal Shower Invitations -- Multi StripesBridal Shower Invitations -- Vintage Couples Affair

Whimsical Hand-Drawn Art
Bridal Shower Invitations -- Showers AheadCouples Bridal Shower Invitations -- Pear Pattern Bridal Shower Invitations -- Tropical TwistBridal Shower Invitations -- Tandem Ride

Hanging Party Décor
Bridal Shower Invitations -- Setting SailBridal Shower Invitations -- Simple StrandsBridal Shower Invitations -- String The LightsBridal Shower Invitations -- Cute Couple

Start your bridal shower planning with any of these bridal shower themes and it will be easy to create a look you’ll love! And for more bridal shower ideas keep reading our blog.

Bridal Shower Invitations