What’s Hot This Month – August

Here’s a look at the top five products others are buying at Pear Tree Greetings this month!

1. Modern Mix Horizontal Wedding Thank You Cards
Wedding Thank You Cards -- Modern Mix Horizontal

2. Welcoming Color Block Whimsical Baby Shower Invitations
Whimsical Baby Shower Invitations -- Welcoming Color Block

3. Surprise! Photo Birthday Invitations
Photo Birthday Invitations -- Surprise!

4. Modern Message Poster Wedding Invitations
Poster Wedding Invitations -- Modern Message

5. Calling All Superheroes! Superhero Photo Birthday Invitations
Superhero Photo Birthday Invitations -- Calling All Superheroes!

August has come and gone and for the second month in a row wedding thank you cards is this month’s top seller. Baby shower invitations and party invitations appeared as our second and third top categories, respectively. Wedding invitations dropped to our fourth spot as we are now in another prime wedding season, August through October. And rounding out our top 5 is kids birthday invitations with our unique, Calling All Superheroes Superhero Photo Birthday Invitation. Hope everyone had a lovely August and are ready for Fall to begin in September!

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