Our Most Unique Christmas Cards: Golden Pears

“Where’d you get those Christmas cards?” It’s the question we all love to hear after choosing, creating and sending our Christmas cards each year. And the answer (for us, at least!) is always Pear Tree. The cards that everyone loves the most are usually part of our Golden Pears collection, an honor reserved for our most amazing, most unique Christmas cards.

These unique Christmas card ideas may have special interactive features like our new spinner cards, or picture frame cards. They may have multiple pages like our photo book cards, or unusual shapes like our ornament cards. And any card with a ribbon is automatically given the Golden Pear mark of awesomeness! 🙂 Here are some of our new Golden Pears for 2013.

Spinner Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Foil Photo Spinner In Red Photo Christmas Cards -- Best Wishes Spinner
A spinning wheel rotates inside these unique Christmas cards when you flick the edge, and either four of your favorite photos appear through the cut-out on the front or your favorite holiday message spins around. Your friends and family will love getting interactive with these Christmas cards!

Picture Frame Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Tri Photo Stand-Up Frame Photo Christmas Cards -- Vertical Stand-Up Picture Frame
Your Christmas cards will be on display in seconds when you send these cards with a built-in easel that folds out from the back to allow them to stand up like a picture frame! Friends and family will love these easy-to-display Christmas card ideas.

Photo Book Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Colorful Kaleidoscope Photo Book Photo Christmas Cards -- Year In Review Photo Book
If you had a big year, then share it in a big way with these photo book Christmas cards! Our 10-page photo book format lets you tell the story in pictures of your big event, big vacation, or big news. Have fun filling these Christmas cards with photos that highlight your year!

Ornament Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Fancy Photo Ornament Photo Christmas Cards -- Classic Ornament
Where will your friends and family hang these distinctive Christmas cards? After all, they’re designed to hang like ornaments and feature a classic ornament shape. Friends and family will love to receive these ornament Christmas cards.

Ribbon Strand Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Ampersand Ribbon Strand Photo Christmas Cards -- String of Photos
Send Christmas cards unlike anyone else’s, this year, when you send this 4-piece card strung on a ribbon. Line up your best photos and see how they look in these unique Christmas cards! Friends and family members will love hanging your Christmas cards on display!

Ribbon Booklet Cards
Photo Christmas Cards -- Thread The Ribbon Booklet Photo Christmas Cards -- Read All About It
Give friends and family a package all tied up with love. A ribbon threads through these unique Christmas cards, and is tied with a bow for loved ones to open. These holiday photo cards deliver a one-of-a-kind look, so if you’re looking to stand out this season, this card was made for you!

See our entire collection of Golden Pear Christmas cards now, or look for the little Golden Pear next to the item thumbnails when browsing all the cards in our Christmas cards collection!

Unique Christmas cards


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