Top 3 Maid of Honor Tips: It’s the Forethought that Counts
As anybody who has been through it could attest, being a maid of honor is a singularly unique experience. There’s this moment—you know, when the bride-to-be pops the question—when the full reality comes seeping in as you process it and everything it means. When my sister asked me, tears immediately filled my eyes as I realized what she really was asking: be my rock. From that moment on, I made a promise to her and myself to make the process as smooth as possible. No sweat, right? For anyone else who might find herself in the same situation and on the verge of a full-on freak-out (don’t worry!), here are a few wedding tips I put together based on my experience.

Not So Lonely At the Top
My first piece of advice? Take advantage of extra available help. Don’t be shy. At the very least, it may help you relax and be confident. There is nothing that says you have to go this alone. After I accepted my duties as maid of honor and realized just how big of a deal it really was, I looked for help. One of my co-workers was recently married, so I turned to her for advice on what she expected from her right-hand woman, issues or concerns that arose during the entire process, and for her favorite gift resources. Also, in this wonderfully technological society we live in, you can utilize the internet for just about everything. There are numerous wedding help sites, apps, and communities online that can answer any question you may have in minutes. Don’t be afraid to utilize any sort of support community you may have — the more the merrier.

Communication Is Key
Top 3 Maid of Honor Tips: It’s the Forethought that Counts
Every wedding is different. Every bride is different. A cookie-cutter white wedding with the typical girls’-night-out bachelorette party and girls’-night-in bridal shower might be just what you need. Then again, perhaps not. Sit down over brunch and figure out what your bride wants her wedding to look like and what she wants to stay away from. Also, before you even start planning figure out what the bride and groom want to spend, and keep that number in mind. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also become very costly very quickly. Be sure to check in with your bride regularly to make sure there are no problems that need attention. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially when you add in all the other responsibilities of life. It can be easy for the bride to fall behind and lose track of things, and you’re her backup.

Get Ahead of the Curve
Top 3 Maid of Honor Tips: It’s the Forethought that Counts
When planning a wedding, it may seem like you have plenty of time, but it is less than you think. Write down dates by which you want to have each vendor booked and paid by. This way you will have a schedule you can follow. There will be some unforeseen problems that you are going to have to deal with. Two weeks before my sister’s wedding our reception hall/hotel called and told us they accidentally booked 5 rooms to non-wedding guests when we specifically asked for the entire hotel. We had to scramble and find surrounding locations for those people we said were going to have rooms. Everything turned out fine in the end, but situations like that will test your improvisation skills. So, just be prepared to stay on your toes.

Undoubtedly, your experience will be different from mine. A lot of these wedding tips for the MOH, however, will be as helpful for you as they were for me. A wedding is a beautiful thing, but it takes some hard work to get there. Don’t fear; if the bride asked you be her maid of honor, she knows you’re up for the task. And you are.

Morgan GrayMorgan Gray is a writer from NY with a fetish for stationery. She was recently asked to be her sister’s maid of honor and has been overcome with wedding inspiration, which is why she came to us to share some of her advice!

Images by: Mabyn Ludke Photography