My Very Merry Christmas Personalized Children's Books My Very Own Name Personalized Children's Books
Did you know Pear Tree has some wonderful personalized gift ideas for kids? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for lots of great ideas, but don’t miss the personalized children’s books, where your child’s name gets printed right in the story. (Shop early for these gifts because some versions, like the board books, take up to 21 days processing time!)

Outer Space Personalized Kids Placemats The Dreamy Day Personalized Kids Placemats
We also have personalized kids placemats for snack-time fun!

 All About Grad Custom Notepads Gold Glitter Letterhead Custom Notepads
Older kids will love our custom note pads featuring their name and/or photo. These are great for making lists, notes to friends, or just doodling! Shop our Gifts Collection for more gift ideas for kids, plus teacher gifts too.

Personalized Gift Ideas