Sneak Peek! Vintage Graduation Invitation Ideas

Shhh… we’re giving you a sneak peek of some of our new graduation invitation ideas from our 2014 collection! This year our graduation announcements and invitations focus on the hottest trends of the season. Vintage is a popular trend among graduates.This trend highlights Polaroid-style borders, color washed photos, kraft paper and other old elements shown in a fresh, new way.

Vintage Artwork Graduation Announcements
Proclaim the news of your graduation with these charming graduation announcements featuring a full photo on the front and vintage-style poster art on the back. Have fun creating one-of-a-kind graduation announcements that friends and family will love.Sneak Peek! Vintage Graduation Invitation Ideas #graduationinvitationideas #graduationannouncements #classof2014 #peartreegreetings

Tinted Four Square Graduation Announcements
Tinted photos and rounded corners give these graduation announcements an edge over all others in their class. With four photos and your choice of colors, backgrounds, and text, these graduation announcements give you lots of ways to express your personality.
Sneak Peek! Vintage Graduation Invitation Ideas #graduationinvitationideas #graduationannouncements #classof2014 #peartreegreetings

Memory Lane Graduation Announcements
These long, five-panel graduation announcements are like a walk down memory lane, featuring five photos on each side, ‘taped’ with decorative washi tape to a solid color background. When unfolded, these graduation announcements are over 17 inches long, making a statement that friends and family will treasure.
Sneak Peek! Vintage Graduation Invitation Ideas #graduationinvitationideas #graduationannouncements #classof2014 #peartreegreetings

We have a lot more graduation invitation ideas to share with you so be sure to watch for our new collection coming soon! In the meantime, check out our current graduation announcements or read our blog for more graduation invitation ideas.

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  1. I would like to see a bigger selection of magnet graduation announcements. I tend to think “out of the box” & that is what I am doing for my son this year.

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