Watch this! Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

We invited a bunch of kids to Pear Tree for a photo shoot, and created this video so we could show you some fun photography tips for Valentine’s Day that you can recreate at home. We had the kids dress in Valentine’s Day colors of pink and red, then created three different white backdrops that would make them stand out. Then we put the photos in our favorite new Valentine’s Day cards to see how they’d look!

V-Day Banner Wall
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideasWe chose a blank white wall and draped a simple banner across the top, made from our free Valentine’s Day printable. Set a chair or fluffy rug in front of it for kids to sit on and you’ve got yourself a set for the photo shoot. Props like heart-shaped suckers are sure to bring smiles. 

White Bed
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas
What’s more comfy to sit on than a bed? Ummm, can’t think of anything. Even better if it has a cool headboard that makes a glamorous backdrop for our photo shoot. Notice how the pink and red colors and the kids’ faces pop against this monochromatic backdrop. Oh, and pillow fights are mandatory.

Newspaper Wall
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas
Watch this! Valentine's Day Photo Ideas #peartreegreetings #valentinesdayideas

Tape sheets of newspaper to a wall to give yourself a simple backdrop. Then add spots of color with hearts cut out of scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, construction paper or any red and pink paper you can find. Have your trusty photo assistant drop a few hearts from the sky to make it look like it’s snowing love.

You’ll find lots more photography tips for Valentine’s Day, Christmas cards and family photos on our blog. Browse our Valentine’s Day photo cards and Valentine’s Day cards for kids to see how props, clothing and different locations can make your Valentine’s Day cards stand out.

Valentine's Day Photo Cards


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