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Moving checklist ideas from #peartreegreetings! Cut down on the moving day chaos with a moving checklist that gets you organized, eliminates surprises and keeps everything moving along smoothly.
Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving day is sure to be both exciting and stressful. Cut down on the chaos with a moving checklist that gets you organized, eliminates surprises and keeps everything moving along smoothly.

  • Don’t pack what you don’t need – Getting rid of unnecessary items will help make the packing and unpacking process smoother. Rather than waste time making these decisions on moving day, do it ahead of time and give away or sell what you don’t want.
  • Moving announcements – Give friends and family your new address right away. Better yet, have a housewarming party to follow up and invite them all to see your new home.
  • Forward medical records – Contact important parties, like doctors’ offices, directly to let them know they will need to forward your records to a new location. 
  • Change address with bank, credit card companies and online companies you regularly order things from. You don’t want to miss any important packages or communications due to incorrect information.
  • Register kids in school — if you have kids, you’ve probably already made schools a big part of your new home search, but be sure you know the registration dates so you don’t miss any deadlines.
  • Ease up on the grocery shopping – Try to eat most of the frozen and perishable items you have in the house so you don’t have to throw it away, and bring the grocery shopping down to a bare minimum.
  • Label boxes as you pack – This will make unpacking much easier. And since you might not get to unpack them right away, label the room where the box will go so you can stash it in the right place. Mark the boxes you need to unpack first in a special way.
  • Keep valuables out of the moving van – Bring all of your valuables and important documents with you in your personal vehicle to the new home.
  • Take inventory – When you arrive at your new home and start unpacking, take an inventory of all of your belongings to ensure that nothing was lost in the move.
  • Hire with a moving company you can trust — The extra money you invest is worth the peace of mind and confidence that your belongings will safely get to your new home.

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