Treat day in the office! These are some of our favorite days to see what our co-workers can craft up in the kitchen. This treat day was themed red, white and blue in honor of the upcoming holiday, Independence Day. Here are a few of our 4th of July food ideas that are easy to make and add to the colorful decor!

1. Layered Drinks: to achieve this look fill your cup with ice and pour in lemonade, fruit punch and Gatorade. Be sure to pour slowly and you can read more information here. Add a fun straw to top it off!
4th of July Food Ideas: Layered Drinks #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

2. American Flag Dip: this idea is easy to do as well! Cut up red peppers to make stripes, add humus to be the white stripes, and blue corn chips for the blue area. Such a fun and patriotic idea your guests will adore.
4th of July Food Ideas: American Flag Dip #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

3. Filled Strawberries: these strawberries are nothing but red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th! All you have to do is cut off the tops of the strawberries, remove the inside (tip of a vegetable peeler works perfect), and add cool whip and blueberries to decorate.
4th of July Food Ideas: Filled Strawberries #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

4. American Flag Veggies: Similar to our American Flag Dip above, this American Flag used red peppers and cauliflower for the stripes, and we colored the veggie dip with blue food coloring.
4th of July Food Ideas: American Flag Veggies #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

5. Patriotic Muffins: these delicious muffins were mixed with raspberries to give them a patriotic theme. Yum!
4th of July Food Ideas: Patriotic Muffins #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

6. Red, White and Blue Pie-Cake: this cake is baked with two pies inside it and layered on top of each other. One is a blueberry pie and one a cherry pie. White cake was baked over the top and viola, you have yourself a red, white and blue pie-cake! Delish!
4th of July Food Ideas: Red, White and Blue Pie-Cake #4thofJuly #partyideas #foodideas #peartreegreetings

7. Independence Day Chip Dip: salsa, spinach dip with blue food coloring and white corn chips displayed nicely on a tray make a perfect and simple dish to bring to your 4th of July celebration.
4th of July Food Ideas: Independence Day Chip Dip #4thofJuly #partyideas #peartreegreetings

8. Pasta Skewers: these skewers were filled with red and orange tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and cooked tortellini. These are simple to serve for any outdoor party and taste great!
4th of July Food Ideas: Pasta Skewers #4thofJuly #partyideas #peartreegreetings

We hope these 4th of July food ideas gave you lots of ideas and inspiration for this year’s party. Don’t forget, if you’re hosting the 4th of July party be sure to personalize your patriotic party invitations!

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