Our small Pear Tree team works with our Christmas cards every day, and of course we all have our favorites. Below we each share our favorite Christmas card ideas for 2014. If you’d like to see more about the card, simply click on the image. Let us know which one you like best by commenting below!

Angela, The Trendsetter

This is my favorite card because it’s just completely different from anything anyone else will be sending this year. I call the look, “rustic glam.” Between the kraft paper, faux foil letters and jute twine holding it all together, it’s the perfect mix of natural and shiny materials, which fits my eclectic style. Not only that, but there’s room for five photos on the back, so each of my four kids gets a spot, with one left for mom & dad. Perfect!

Brandon, The Artsy Guy

My favorite card from this year’s collection? Hands down, Shiny Foil Dots. The big foil stamped dots on the front add the perfect amount to glitz to help your holiday photo shine. You can also choose one of our four foil options. (My favorite is the gold glitter.) The back offers a collage of eight photos, which allows you to show off anything you wish. You can add your finishing touch by adding your own personal greeting to the front. Feliz Navidad!

Brianna, The Mom With Three Girls

Each year when it comes time to choose a holiday card, I look for the same three things: unique design, lots of photos, and room to write about the family’s year. The Be Jolly Ribbon Booklet Christmas card is perfect because the booklet format includes many spots for photos, along with a place to write a short letter about the year. Plus, I know that anyone who receives the card will be amazed by the design, because it’s not your traditional flat holiday card.

Megan, The Detailed Designer

Creating a meaningful connection with friends and family during the holidays is important to me. This card has just the right amount of sparkle and lots of photo space for sharing the year’s loveliest moments.

Tyler, The Expectant Dad

We are expecting a baby in October, so I’m hoping we can combine the birth announcement with our Christmas card this year. Of course the new baby will be the star, so I like the one big photo and the trendy typeface on the front. I also like the look of the tape, wood grain and smaller photos on the back, where we can fit in some family shots. We can pick the color of the tape for a boy or a girl, since it will be a surprise.

Kelsey, The Newlywed

I love this card, and getting married has definitely made this the best year ever! The fun message and the sparkle of the foil reminds me of how my ring sparkles. 🙂 I also like the amount of photos I can fit in, while still allowing ample room to write a short little holiday letter.

Devin, The Goofy Dad

I like this card because it has three photos on the front, which is perfect for us because we’ll use one for a family photo and include one formal photo of each of our two girls, Lucy and Eleanor. It also has a lot of photo spaces on the back, so we can have some fun with more casual candid shots and our favorite Instagram shots. I also like the colors. After going with a traditional look last year, we want to go color crazy this year. The three frames on the front and four color boxes on the back allow for that. And finally, whether hanging or setting on the mantle, trifolds look great in greeting card displays.

Michelle, The Designer Mom

Pick my favorite card? That’s impossible. I love them all, but if I have to choose I really like this card because it’s so non-traditional. It offers a really simple, fun and playful design on the front that overlays your photo and the rounded corners add that extra touch. I love how the back offers just enough writing room and space for another photo. And the three different designs you can choose from on the back are all playful and non-traditional, too. I can’t wait to add final touches with a colored envelope and matching seal!

Shelly, The Cat Lady

I chose this card because it has a little bit of everything. The stamped foil dots on the front make it *flashy* and who doesn’t love something shiny? It is Instagram-friendly on the back. So.Many.Photos. (hello cat photos!!) And lastly, the trifold layout is perfect for my friends and family to display on their mantles. You know they’ll love it.

Stephanie, The Executive Mom

I always have to find a Christmas card with a mix of photos because getting a picture of our family of five is impossible. Trifolds are my absolute favorite style – I have a love affair with them. They seem to have an extra beauty as you open them up and ‘discover’ the images and story. This card lets me write a little summary of the year, and I love the variety of foil colors to choose from and the wood texture. I was thinking of adding a little magnet inside the card as a gift for a few loved ones on our list, so for that I’d stick with the foil theme and pick the Fun With Foil Magnet.

As the general manager at Pear Tree, I see it as important to send a personal greeting not only to friends and family, but also to my colleagues and our business partners. I want to highlight how wonderful our card designs are, and how I am personally committed to what we do. I’d want to show off one of our most unique designs, so I’d pick the Warm Wishes Picture Frame. It’s simple but dramatic, and has space on the back for me to write a quick thank you to the people we work with every day.

Michael, The Magniloquent

My favorite Christmas card this year is the Big & Small Moments card because it has so much synergy. My wife and I are Instagram enthusiasts and have aggregated quite an assortment of snapshots during the last year. This card allows us to exhibit a whole slew of them all at once. The lavish colors, the affable fonts, the accommodating layout… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Simply magnificent!

Cathy, The Bad Photographer

Okay, I’m not a horrible photographer, but since my kids have gotten older I just don’t take as many as I used to, so around Christmastime I never have enough good ones to choose from. I picked this card because I love the blurry white lights that this design will automatically add to my photo, as if I’m a professional photographer and I did that myself. Friends and family will never know that I don’t have a clue how to make that happen.

Amy, The Dog Owner

I am so excited about this card! It has beautiful foil script on the front that will make my boyfriend and I really shine on the cover. I love my two dogs, and am always snapping photos of them with my phone. The inside of this card has multiple photo spots in a fun collage-like layout, and I can’t wait to fill them with pics of my pooches! Also a bonus, there’s just enough room on the back for me to write a short holiday message (or tell stories about my furry friends). This card is flawless, and I can’t wait to send it this year!

David, The Wise Dad

I like everything about this card, from the fact that it’s hanging from a ribbon to the funky colors and cute postcard-like design. I like the fact that I can incorporate four different photos, but I don’t have to have everyone in the same frame. That way I can use the best individual picture of each person. Once again, I’m going to knock the proverbial socks off my friends and family.

Andrea, The Perfectionist

I am new this year to the Pear Tree Staff Picks tradition — and I have so many favorites! This card stands out for me because I love traditional things with a twist. I’m really into gold this year and the gold stamped accents look beautiful with the more modern font. I’m not sure about the wardrobe colors yet for our family photos, but I know the gold holly accents will look fabulous with any color choice. Additionally, I like that there are plenty of photo spaces to show off both formal and candid pictures of my family, while still providing a space for a personalized note to our friends and family. Can’t wait to send my first Pear Tree Holiday Card!

Toby, The Succinct Answer Guy

This is my favorite card because EVERY year is better than the last one.

Dani, The Busy Couple with a Pup

I love shiny, shimmery and bright especially at Christmas time! I chose this unique Shining Lights Duo Christmas Card as my favorite because it is all three of those things and so much more! Each card is in the shape of a Christmas light bulb that I can edit with colors, text and/or photos. And, bonus, when I get my order, I can rearrange the bulbs however I wish on the string. It’s such a fun card and I know my family and friends will love getting it in the mail.

Lindsey, The Fabulous Intern

My family hasn’t sent out Christmas cards for years, ever since my parents became empty-nesters. So I am really excited to lick envelopes this year and share the scoop about my family with our friends. The Shining Bright Foil card is my favorite because it’s simple yet bold. The fun-font message on the front has four different foil options, so I know we’ll find one to complement the outfits in our photo. Even the back of the card is exciting because you think the front is the end of it – SURPRISE! When it’s flipped, you get to see another photo on the back and a short update of the fam, along with our happy holiday wishes.

Which of our new Christmas card ideas do you like best? Check out our whole collection of Christmas cards and let us know!

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