Gift Ideas Under $15

Every gift should have some personal meaning, and these gift ideas can all be personalized for the ones you love. And they’re all less than $15!

Custom Notepads, $9.99 to $12.99
These personalized notepads come in two sizes and many styles, with or without photos. They make fun gift ideas for kids, friends and family members.
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift Ideas under $15
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Mini Note Cards, $10.62 for 12
Our mini note cards are perfect for quick notes to kids, partners, co-workers, teachers and friends. They can also be used as gift card enclosures!
Gift Ideas under $15 Gift ideas under $15
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DIY Cards, $14.05 for 8
Create your own personalized note cards to give as gifts, using a favorite photo or piece of artwork. Our DIY card templates let you create custom stationery!
Gift ideas under $15 Gift ideas under $15
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Kids’ Coloring Books, $10.95
What fun it is for kids to have their own coloring books with their names inside! Each page features their name and a fun activity to do.
Gift ideas under $15 Gift ideas under $15
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