Sending wedding thank you cards is a must as you and your new spouse enter wedded (eh-hem, responsible) life. Your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors took time out of their lives to join in your special day, so taking the time to thank them is necessary. But don’t think that every thank you card has to be the same. There can be ways to spruce it up a bit to share memories and moments with your guests. Here are 3 wedding thank you ideas to make your card stand out when guests are opening them.

1. Include printed photos of the guests. This idea has been a hit with friends and family! All you have to do is simply print off photos (that your photographer will give you) of your guests enjoying their time at your wedding. Include one or two pictures in your thank you card envelope and you’re done. It’s an added surprise, plus it brings back fun memories from the day. (Use idea #1 from this post to be sure you get a photo of every guest!)
Wedding thank you ideas

2. Include a magnet. This can be one big photo of the happy couple or show multiple photos from the big day! This is a fun option and since it’s a magnet, it’s likely to stay on the fridge for months after!
Wedding Thank You Ideas Wedding Thank You Ideas

3. Include a photo frame card. Pear Tree Greetings offers a unique card format that is a stand-up picture frame and works perfectly for sending to close family and friends. It’s a great way to get a spot on the mantel or on a desk. You can personalize it with photo(s) of the happy couple post-wedding, or favorite photo(s) from the big day.
Wedding thank you ideas Wedding thank you ideas

Guests love hearing from the happy couple so show them how memorable and meaningful it was to have them join you with a wedding thank you card. And, if it’s in your budget, include any of these three wedding thank you ideas to add a little extra personalized touch.


Images by: Sean Walker Photography