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Christmas card ideas
These proud grandparents had a lot to share, and their Christmas card shows it. So many beautiful grandkids! And they managed to get them all together in one great photo, which we know isn’t easy to do. Kudos to them, both for the photos and for finding the perfect card to show them off. Janice, the industrious grandmother, explains how they managed to get everybody together.

“We scheduled a photographer to meet us during a family reunion in Park City, Utah. She photographed us in two nearby locations, first, using an old barn as a backdrop and second, in a horse pasture with the mountains as a backdrop. The hardest part has been keeping the photos “under wraps” until the Christmas cards were mailed, so it’s exciting to finally be able to unveil our wonderful family pictures.

“Pear Tree was a natural choice for our Christmas card because of their beautiful templates and ability to add multiple photos. I used Pear Tree last year and the card was gorgeous. I was worried I would not find a new template as wonderful as last year’s, but I was not let down. I mailed my cards out this week and have been getting phone calls and complements all week. One neighbor said she admired the card for over 15 minutes and she doesn’t even know my family.

“I needed a little customer service both years to tweak the cards to my specs and the staff at Pear Tree was helpful & knowledgeable. Thanks, Peartree!  I will be back next Christmas.”

We are so happy to hear that our Big & Small Moments Christmas Card fit this family (and vice versa)! May your holidays be blessed with the love and laughter of family all around you. For more inspiration to create your holiday card, continue reading our Featured Favorites!