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New Year's Card Idea
We love this New Year’s card idea! The details of the photo shoot come together so perfectly and the Amazing Year New Year’s Card adds the right amount of sparkle and shine. It’s beautiful, from the white and gold poms and paper chain links in the background, to the matching tie on the young boy and the matching gold headband and shoes for the little girl. Ironically, the photo wasn’t intended for a card at all.

“We had already ordered our Christmas cards,” said Serena, the kids’ mom. “This photo was actually supposed to be used for Christmas gifts for family. When I saw your card, I decided that I had to send out a New Year’s card, too. It was perfect for this shot.”

We couldn’t agree more. It truly is the perfect shot for this card. And, while we don’t expect everyone to be sending both Christmas cards and New Year’s cards, we do think a New Year’s card is a great idea if you didn’t get a chance to send Christmas cards. Everyone likes getting mail so why not send a smile, even if it is after the Christmas card rush?!

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