Red Stamp App
Our friends at Red Stamp have a fun and interactive app where you can send greetings right from your mobile device. With Valentine’s Day coming later this week, download their app and take a peek at their darling Valentine’s Day collection. They offer a really great way to stay in touch with those you don’t see as often, but still want to send a little message that you are thinking of them.

The designs Red Stamp offers are cute and clever—Pear Tree Greetings even has its own collection on their app! Once you select the valentine you like, personalize the card just like you would with Pear Tree. You can upload your favorite photo(s), change the colors and add your message. And, bonus, when you do a mobile send, it’s free! Yes, completely FREE! You just select if you want to text it, email it or share it on a social network. Easy peasy.

To download the app, go to the app store or Google Play. Once you download it, scroll through their designs and you will find all sorts of ideas to keep family & friends close to your heart.