At Pear Tree, we are inspired by design and appreciate new design. Earlier this week we heard about two moms who, like us, are pushing the limits on new design. These moms created the brand, Princess Awesome. They have a very inspiring story about how girls have various interests in toys, animals, superheros and more, but there aren’t any dresses that have those designs. These moms took it upon themselves to solve that. They started this clothing design business in a basement, found the resources they needed to get these one-of-a-kind designs and started selling locally and then online. They have 3 dress designs they are focusing on: Pi, pirates, and dinosaurs. Design ideasDesign Ideas Design ideas

To get these innovative designs, these moms worked with a graphic designer and a pattern-maker. Their ideas inspire us to think creatively about new ways we can help our customers express their interests through stationery.

The demand sounds high and now customers are looking for boy options, too! Another great idea 🙂 If you’d like to support this company, please visit their page. Would your daughters enjoy wearing these unique dresses?