We don’t mean to brag, but our new graduation decorating ideas are at the top of the class. High achievers. Summa cum fabulous! All kidding aside, our graduation party decorations really are pretty awesome. You’ll love the way they add fun and personality to your graduation party. And they’re so affordable and easy to personalize, you’ll have the entire party planned and decorated in no time.

New this year: guest book prints
These fun poster-sized prints can be hung or laid out somewhere at the party for guests to sign. When the party’s over, they become a fun keepsake of the event.
Graduation decorating ideas

New this year: cupcake flags
Wrap these little stickers around a straw or skewer and poke them into your cupcakes or anywhere you like for a spot of color.
Cupcake flags graduation party decorations

New this year: bunting banners
These flag-shaped banners come with twine for hanging and some can be personalized with photos and colors, some you just order as is for quick decorating ideas.
Graduation decorating ideas: bunting banners

New this year: year balloons
These mylar balloons spell out your class year to create a shining focal point for your graduation party decorations. The kit includes four easy-to-fill balloons with self-seal openings and tabs for hanging.
Graduation Decorating Ideas: Year Balloons Graduation Party Decorations

New this year: paper straws
Our striped straws add a pop of color and a lot of flair to your graduation party or celebration of any kind. Use them wherever beverages are served and a touch of color would make all the difference.
Graduation Decorating Ideas: Striped Paper Straws Graduation Party Decorations

New this year: personalized stickers
Want to decorate your paper cups or your serving bowls? Need a spot of color on those snack bags? Personalized stickers are the solution.
Graduation decorating ideas: personalized stickers

Not new but, oh, so essential: custom posters
Custom posters take the place of DIY photo displays for those of us who are not gifted with the craft gene. Upload dozens of photos, hit the autofill button and you’re done. Can’t beat it.
Graduation decorating ideas: custom posters

Other essential graduation decorating ideas
Personalized napkins, now in foil! Table decor you can use a million ways! Table cards, comment cards and yard signs! All designed to match our graduation announcements.
Graduation party decorations

With all of these graduation party decorations to choose from, it’s easy to pull the look for your party together and create a memorable and personalized theme your grad will love.
Graduation party ideas

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