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This summer it’s all about the dips! Not delicious chip dips, or taking a dip in the pool, but, instead, colored paint dips! Yellows, blues, oranges and pink paints add that color pop you need to make your summer a little brighter. One of our favorite 2015 design trends, this look has a beautiful modern-feel, giving any room or accessory a little geometric twist.

“The dips are so fresh! I’ve discovered literally everything I own is now a potential DIY project,” Says Angela Ferrara, Director of Product Development.

Just for you, we’ve scouted the most beautiful DIY ideas and products that will add a little color to your summer.
Design trend ideas

The perfect dip for kids: paint dipped alphabet letters. Jazz up your kids’ rainbow colored letter magnets with a modern paint-dipped look. It’s easy! Check out this DIY from
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Do you have a pair of those plain wood bar stools sitting in your kitchen? If so, we love this DIY idea! Add a little bright paint to help those boring stools really “pop.” Check out and learn how!
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Spring and summer give us all the chance to fill our homes and porches with plants. Bring a taste of the outdoors inside, with one of these small but perfectly painted geometric air plant cubes. They fit nicely on windowsills or desks.
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Not only do color dips look great in your house, but this 2105 design trend makes a modern and bold statement on jewelry too. Dive into this fun DIY project and make your own statement with this painted-wood beaded necklace from
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Transforming everyday items by adding a little geometric color pop will make your home or accessories stand out this summer. So say “Hello” to color dips and start dippin’.