We all start the holiday season with the best intentions to send Christmas cards, but let’s be real — life is busy! Single parents know this so well. Between work, the kids, household tasks, and everything else, the best-laid plans don’t always go as intended.

Single Bell Rock

Pear Tree wants to help you make sending unique Christmas cards easy, fast, and affordable — yes, all three! Our award-winning design templates let you personalize your favorite card with the click of a few buttons.

Your cards should reflect your life and your family. The Huffington Post has this great set of candids that all single moms and dads alike should find very familiar: “55 Personal Photos That Capture Both The Challenges And The Joy Of Single Motherhood.”

One caption declares:

“Being a single parent means never being in the picture … because usually you’re the one taking it.”

We know that’s true! But maybe hire a pro or set that self-timer and make your Christmas cards the exception. We have some great ideas on capturing photos for your cards that really embrace these realities of single parenthood.

Joy Woodgrain -- Christmas Cards

“Single parenting is juggling school, work and young children with as much grace as one person can.”

Flaunt your super strength with a silly photo series that shows how you literally juggle your active kids (maybe in our Joy Woodgrain design). We already know you can do it all, so don’t be afraid to brag!

Photo Gallery -- Christmas Cards

“To me, single parenthood looks like family filling in where there would have been an empty space.”

Does your mom, brother, or other family member step up to help when you have gaps to fill? Honor their role in your nuclear family by including them in your Christmas card. The Photo Gallery design has space for four pictures to show off everyone in your village.

Dot Happy -- Premium Christmas Cards

“It means the privilege of being the one who always gets to hold her hand.”

Delicate baby hands wrapped around the big ones that protect them make beautiful Christmas card images. Upload that shot to the back and another photo showing the poignant way you look at each to the front of the Dot Happy template for a sweet, personal card.

Very Happy -- Christmas Cards

Being a single mother of three means walking a tightrope between sanity and madness, so when the kids ask if they can have a pillow fight in the middle of nowhere, it sounds like a fantastic idea!”

Focus on photos that show off the beautiful chaos that is your life rather than hiding it. Messy hair and skinned knees are just part of the package. Upload them to our Very Happy card for a fun juxtaposition of the zany with the glamorous — just like you!


Don’t be afraid to be bold and try something different! The cards should reflect who you really are.

Make sure to check out Pear Tree’s entire collection of photo Christmas cards to select the design that best represents your family! Your personal photos, showing how hard you rock single parenthood, will make each design template totally individual.