Each holiday season, my family and I always get excited about having all of our friends and family over for celebrations of togetherness and giving thanks.  There is always plenty of cleaning and organizing to be done to get the house ready before family arrives. However, this year I also wanted to update some of our family photo’s hanging on the wall.

In the past, I was really good about getting photos in frames for the first two kiddos, but I haven’t been as diligent about it for our third child. I’ve been wanting to get a canvas for our stairwell but always chicken out last minute – the cost and permanence – if it doesn’t turn out how I want, what will I do with it?! I have a hard enough time deleting pictures of the kids off my phone, let alone throwing away a canvas of them! Since Pear Tree’s canvases are so much less expensive (50% off from the bigger competitors’ prices!), I didn’t feel as hesitant and felt more at ease to test it out.  Also, due to the new collapsing feature, I knew that if I wanted to change the photos later, I could unfold the canvas and store it somewhere and it wouldn’t take up space like a traditional canvas.

I decided to order three of Pear Tree’s single 8×10 canvases with a photo of each of the kids for our stairwell.  I found some photos that I liked with a lot of background (so it can wrap around the 1.5 inch thick sides).  Since each of the photos were taken at different times, I arranged the children each in the top right of the frame in order to make it look like the photos went together. I loved how they turned out!  When it comes to framing, my go to is black and white photos, so this time I went a different direction – bright colors and big smiles – perfect combo!

After the canvases arrived, I had my two boys with me and decided it was time to get those canvases on the wall!  My five year old, Aaron, was not enthused about filming the video at first. Although the whole process took 15 min, several of those minutes were ‘negotiations’!

The folding of the canvas was fast and easy – each edge locked into place perfectly. The material was durable but light enough to hang with a few simple Velcro command strips.  I’m notorious for putting 10 holes in the wall any time I hang something up so being able to use Command stips made me a happy mama! Aaron “helped” me put them on the wall.  Considering I was holding the camera and the canvases, I was impressed with how well we did!  Aaron applied the Command strips and we used a simple level to get them straight.

I seriously love how the canvases turned out! All my friends who have seen them love them as well! I’ve asked them how much they think it costed and they usually guess I spent more than $100.  After I told them it was $54.99 for all three, they went out and got their own too!

Since these are so easy to fold and unfold, it will be much easier for me to update the photos more often as the kids continue to grow!   With Pear Tree’s canvases, I can have all the beauty of a canvas, without the cost.