You’re engaged. Engaged! As a team of twenty and thirty-something women, we know engagements. We love engagements. There’s something so magical about the love and anticipation that accompanies this sweet time in your life.

Let’s talk about how to announce your wedding date to your guests. There are two rules we like to follow.

#1: Announce your date 9 – 12 months from your wedding day.
#2: Make this announcement with a physical Save the Date.

Let’s talk about #2. We firmly believe that sending a real Save the Date in the real mail is the only way to go when announcing your date. It’s very clear who is invited when your Save the Date is delivered in a mailbox versus an inbox, or even worse, a newsfeed. But more importantly, your wedding is seriously special and deserves to be announced in a special way!

Speaking of special…check out these new Save the Date Banners. They are simply ahhhh-dorable and unlike anything your guests have ever received before. Each panel is strung on a ribbon to create a Save the Date that’s unique and absolutely keep-worthy. And yes, they’re mailed in a regular envelope! Just imagine your loved ones reaction when they open it to find something this cute inside!

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