It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The season full of peace, joy, cheer and mailboxes overflowing with Christmas Cards from those you love most

We’ve been as busy as Santa’s elves designing Christmas cards with heartwarming sayings, festive holiday patterns and of course, lots of room for your family photos.

But let’s be honest. Snowflakes and sentimental Christmas wishes just might not be your thing this year. Perhaps you want a funny Christmas card that keeps it real and sums up what life is really like with three young kids, an anxious dog and two goldfish (sounds familiar?!).


Featured Card: All is Still Bright Christmas Card

If you’re on the hunt for funny Christmas cards ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Making a funny card is fun and easy when you follow these three simple tips.

Tip #1: Choose a Christmas Card That’s Funny AND Heartfelt

When you’re looking for a funny Christmas card from your family, we suggest pairing a funny saying with a heartfelt message. After all, there are plenty of funny Christmas card sayings out there but the ones that mix humor with an underlying message of love are sure to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

The funniest Christmas Cards for young families are the ones that poke a little fun at the chaos of life with babies, toddlers and beyond, but keep things sweet.

Featured Card: All the Joy Christmas Card

Our favorite funny Christmas card sayings with a touch of heart include phrases like:

  • All is Not Calm, All is Still Bright!
  • All the Joy We Can Handle!
  • Sometimes Naughty. Sometimes Nice. Always Loved.
  • Not So Silent Night
  • It’s a Crazy, Busy, Wonderful Life

If sweet isn’t your style, go for funny Christmas card that’s sarcastic. Snap a funny picture of your kids in a full-on meltdown. Your friends who can relate will chuckle and your older relatives will reminisce about the good old days!

Featured Card: Nailed It Christmas Card

Featured Card: Nailed It Christmas Card

The best lines to use on a funny Christmas card (to pair with a funny photo) that have a little edge include:

  • Hanging in There!
  • This Will Have to Do.
  • It’s Fine. We’re Fine. Everything’s Fine.
  • A Holiday Greeting From Our Family to Yours. It’s a Freaking Christmas Miracle!
  • Merry Elfin’ Christmas!

Tip #2: Include a Funny Family Photo

Using a family photo on your funny card is a must! The best part about sending a funny Christmas card is that you don’t need to drop major dough on a professional photoshoot. The best cards actually feature photos that are perfectly imperfect.

There are 2 different ways use a photo on your funny card, depending on the kind of image you have:

  1. Use a Candid Photo

Choosing a candid snapshot – or series of candid shots – for your family Christmas card to create a card that everyone can relate to. Line up the kids on the front step and let chaos ensue. From funny faces to tantrums, the funnier the photo, the funnier the card!

Featured Card: This Will Do Christmas Card
  1. Use a Perfect Photo, But…

If you have professional photos to use, you can still make your Christmas card funny! Take one of the best photos – you know, the one where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling like perfect angels – and use it on a card that says, “This is a Christmas Miracle!” or “Our Real Life Looks Nothing Like This”.

Featured Card: Christmas Miracle Christmas Card

Tip #3: Write a Funny Christmas Letter

And finally, writing a funny letter to go with your card will make it all the better! Wondering how to write a funny Christmas letter? The key is to add in those whacky moments from your day-to-day life.

Need inspiration? Here are 3 examples of funny Christmas card letters that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Sending wishes for a happy holiday from our
family to yours! As we look back on another
crazy year, we are reminded of all the reasons
we have to be grateful! Avery started her first
year of competitive dance and let me tell you –
she LOVES being on stage. Not sure who she gets
that from (j/k, obviously Ryan). Her goals next year
are to “get her ariel” and “firebird”. Guys, I
have no idea what this even means, please send
help! Ryder won his class spelling bee this year by
spelling the word “business” which is great, because
it’s a word that I, as a 43 year old women, only spell
correctly 14% of the time. Glad I can count on him!
Ryan and I spent the warm fall executing our largest
Christmas light display yet. Just call us the
Griswolds! We wish you love, peace, happiness,
joy and health in the new year and always.

With love,
Ryan, Maggie, Avery & Ryder


This Christmas letter highlights moments from each family member and keeps it light and humorous:

Merry Christmas from our house to yours! We’re
buzzing with excitement around here. Now that
Leo is one, we’re all having so much fun watching
his amazement around the twinkling lights.
Mila taught him to say a big “ho ho ho!” whenever
he sees Santa in a photo or movie. We’re also super
dedicated to working through our 25 Days of
Christmas movie list.

Mila turned 5, but if you ask her, she’s 5 and 138 days
(yes, this count changes daily). She is our type-A queen
and her favorite activity this year is binge-watching
The Home Edit. Yes, for real. She has color-coded our
pantry and her closet. Her next project is the toy room.
Good luck, girlfriend. She also loves, love, loves school
and her favorite subject is lunch (by kind of girl!). She
is starting basketball – her chosen sport – this winter
which might be a poor choice given her gene pool.
Knowing her, she’ll surprise all of us and grow to be
a 6-foot basketball superstar!

Leo, our baby, has turned the corner toward toddlerhood.
He went from barely crawling to full on running, which has
resulted in one trip to the ER and 6 stitches. His first word
was “corn”. Can’t make this up, guys. The kid does love corn!
He is a very sweet boy and his sister’s biggest fan. His favorite
activities include waiting at the window for the UPS guy,
flinging himself off the couch like a true baby ninja and
drinking out of the dog’s bowl (ew).

Sam and I are keeping our heads above water and do our
very best to soak in these years with two young ones, while
balancing work and very important Netflix binges. Yes, Sam
is a huge fan of Bridgerton – and now that I’ve outed him he
may leave me (I kid, I kid…). We are very much looking forward
to an adults-only trip to Mexico this winter and the grandparents
cannot wait for some quality time with the kids.

We hope this holiday season brings you joy, love and as few
meltdowns as possible!

Veronica, Sam, Mila, Leo and Teddy too!

And here’s another example of a funny Christmas letter. This one takes a newsletter Christmas card approach, with small snippets paired with photos to create a super fun card:

3 trips to the baseball stadium this summer for Ethan and River. I’m pretty sure they’re in it for the hot dogs.

26 ballet classes this year. Sofia stood frozen on stage during the recital, then soaked in the applause and accepted 3 bouquets of flowers.

1.5 years with our sweet Milo! This boy loves his brothers, never sleeps and has proved it’s possible to thrive on a diet of Cheerios and milk.

26.2 miles run by Ethan at the Twin Cities marathon. Amazing! He couldn’t walk for two days after and is happy to have completed his first and last marathon.

8 years of marriage in the books! We celebrated with takeout on the couch and a family trip to Dairy Queen. It was perfect.

3 years old in March! Henry is the sweetest little empath you’ll ever meet. His favorite place to be is snuggling with mama.

27 stitches between 3 ER visits. Raising boys is not for the weak of heart, y’all.

3 years with Sofia! She is the opposite of her twin brother. Her nickname – Bulldozer – sums her up!

3 beta fish bought and flushed. RIP MC Hammer, Fishy Fish Face and Blue Scales.

7 year old in the house! I asked River what his best memory of the year was: “on the last day of school, we got seconds at school lunch and I got 2 extra pieces of pizza”. Okay, kid!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope the New Year finds you happy, healthy and soaking in the little moments.

With Joy,
Megan, Ethan, River, Henry, Sofia and Milo