If you don’t send Christmas cards, here are 5 Reasons you should start:

Holiday cards let you…

  1. appreciate the season

Maybe you want to recognize the reason for the season or maybe you just want to join in the holiday festivities and share some joy. Holiday cards are a great way to send some cheer and be a part of this magical time of year when love and friendship prevail.

  1. express your creativity

Holy cats, have holiday cards come a long way! No matter where you get your Christmas cards, chances are you can get some great deals on highly customized cards that truly reflect your personality. If you order Christmas cards online, you can choose the design plus customize colors as well as add wording in whatever fonts and colors you want.

  1. say what you’re up to.

You know those people you really care about that you haven’t talked to for awhile…(we’re not here to judge, we’ve got ‘em too). Sending Christmas cards allows you to send an update while showing friends and family members that they’re important enough for you to actually MAIL them a Christmas card. A bedazzled photo on Facebook of you morphed into Rudolph, while cute, is not the same. Plus Grandma probably won’t see it.

  1. use your fave photos.

Whether you are the queen of selfies or someone who schedules an annual photography session, Christmas cards let you use your favorite snapshots and share them with a captive audience who’s not scrolling through a sea of images online. And you can find tons of holiday photo cards with multiple photos so you can share as many photos as possible.

  1. share some love!

Most importantly, in today’s crazy climate of not-so-positive vibes bombarding our lives, a Christmas card is one of those simple things you can do to lift up the spirit of the season and appreciate the people around you. Everyone deserves a kind gesture; everyone needs a holiday card.