You have to admit, it’s hard to deny the incredible allure of anything that sparkles – especially around the holidays! We’d like to help you make sure your holiday cards are as dazzling as the season itself.

  1. Joyful Pine Christmas Card

A traditional evergreen and holly design with shiny foil accents turns this classic Christmas card into a modern day treasure!

  1. Shiny Foil Dots Christmas Card

How could your little bundle of love get any cuter? Frame him or her in some oversized polka dots stamped in real foil and you’ll find out!

  1. Foil Frame Christmas Card

A marble backdrop immediately adds class to this card (as if you needed more), then we added a gorgeous frame in real foil on the front. It just doesn’t get any better.

  1. Leafy Foil Frame Christmas Card

Delicate leaves swirl and curve around your photo on the front of these holiday cards, creating a delicate frame that’s stamped in shimmering foil and perfect for your loved ones.

  1. Foil Snowflake Christmas Card

Let it snow is right! Make sure your Christmas cards get the most enjoyable part of winter in dazzling foil for a sparkle that is sure to make everyone’s most memorable list.