Are you putting off ordering holiday cards because you think you’ve got plenty of time? Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding what you want. Either way, tell us what you’re looking for in a holiday card and we’ll tell you which New Year’s Cards are perfect for you!

I want to…be efficient!
Internal Dialogue: “I barely have time to shower every day let alone write a far-to-detailed letter to my friends and family about my uneventful year.”

POSTCARDS are a great option! You can still add a few photos but the message can be quick and simple. You don’t even have to deal with envelopes, and postage is cheaper. You’ll love the stylish look of the New Year Tiding Postcard, and that it still has spots for three photos.

I want to…keep it classic!
Inner Dialogue: “I may have missed the boat on Christmas cards but I still like the look of a classic holiday card. Plus, maybe this way Nana won’t even notice that I missed sending Christmas cards this year…”

FLAT CARDS are perfect. They’re the standard holiday card size and you can choose from all kinds of festive designs. The Hello New Year Card is one of our favorites because you get to choose the layout and background design for the backside.

I want to…be unique!
Inner Dialogue: “Am I a bad person if I’m kind of over Christmas cards? Everybody with their impossibly perfect photos and super charming message. Seriously. I just want something different!”

TRIFOLD CARDS are an awesome way to change up your greeting card style! Pair that with a New Year’s design and you’ve got something totally different than what everyone else is sending. Check out the New Year Sparkle Trifold Card for sure.

I want to…get fancy!
Inner Dialogue: “Okay, the truth is I really want to 1-up my designer friend who designs her own holiday card from scratch every year and tends to get a little bragadocious about it.”

RIBBON BOOKLETS will knock the holiday stockings off of friends and family. The booklet style is super clever with lots of room for photos and message plus extra trendy artwork and illustrations you’ll swoon over. The New Year Confetti Ribbon Booklet is a beautiful example of just how awesome these cards are.

I want to…surprise people!
Inner Dialogue: “If I try to squeeze one more card on the super cute display wreath I made…ahem, I mean purchased, it is going to ruin all the time I spent perfectly arranging them so I can see at least one smiling face on every card…”

Magnets to the rescue! Magnetic New Year’s Cards are fun to receive, super easy to display and they’ll probably stay up for the half the year. Recipients will thank you for not adding to their Christmas card pile and for sending something incredibly convenient! The Best Year Magnet Card includes lots of photos and just enough room for best wishes.