At a time when life gets a bit more complicated, Christmas birth announcements combine two awesome things into one simple card. Now you can create a beautiful holiday message that shares your most precious gift with the world. Here are five different ways to tackle choosing your announcement.

You wantsomething simple and no fuss that you can whip together tomorrow because maybe you’re a procrastinator or maybe you just decided to send something on a whim.

We recommendcards with multi-choice layouts. The Best Gift Christmas Card Announcement is a great option because you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want with four different word/photo combinations on the back.

You wantsomething unique but not over the top. Maybe a little more room than the usual card but not so much that you’re struggling to come up with photos and holiday wishes.

We recommendthe Joyful Holiday Birth Announcements. The very popular tri-fold design includes four photos and a panel for your personalization, which make this a card a fabulous choice for any family.

You wantsomething that’s beyond cute. You want to knock the stockings off of friends and family with something that’s truly unique.

We recommendthe Wrapped Holiday Collage in Plaid Birth Announcement. It’s cleverly designed to look like a gift and opens like one too. The design is finished with a sweet satin ribbon and gift tag you personalize.

You wantplenty of space for photos and something that’s just as elegant as it is festive to please absolutely everybody on your holiday list.

We recommendour ribbon booklets! They’re a huge hit with customers because they have lots of space and they’re beautiful. The Candy Cane Striped Ribbon Booklet is a great example.

You wantjust as much room to talk as to share photos. You’ve had a big year and you need holiday cards that have plenty of room for you to share everything that’s happened, plus some extra cute snapshots of your newest family member!

We recommendthe Folded Just Right Christmas Cards designed to let you give everyone the down-low on your year. A full photo on the front with four photos inside and several spots for wording make these a great choice.