2020 is posed to throw Halloween for a bit of a loop. Will trick or treating still happen? Can we hand out treats at school? Do you have to wear a mask over your mask?! Ugh, you win, 2020.

We’ve been busy brewing up some ideas of ways to celebrate Halloween with social distancing in mind. The key to having a Halloween party this year is to keep the guest list small, celebrate outside and stay far, far away from any sort of Halloween party food buffet.

1. Pumpkin Carving Party

This year, let’s light up the streets with jack-o-lanterns! And, let’s turn the pumpkin carving into a fun party for young and old. To pull-off this pandemic-approved soirée, set up individual pumpkin carving stations on your driveway or deck using Halloween-themed plastic table cloths.

Invite with a pumpkin-carving party invitation. Let your guests know that this year, you’ll provide the pumpkins but this party is BYOPCT (bring your own pumpkin carving tools!).

2. Outdoor Movie Night

We’re totally feeling this one! Invite the neighborhood to a socially distanced Halloween-themed outdoor movie night in your backyard. Set up an outdoor movie screen and projector and choose a family-friendly movie that young and old alike will love. Our favorite picks: Beetlejuice, Monsters Inc. or Hocus Pocus.

To make things extra fun, create these amazing cardboard drive-in cars for the kids. They’re so fun, the kiddos won’t even realize that they’re socially distancing like champs.

3. Boos and Brews

This Halloween party theme is just for adults. Grab a keg of beer and create a Boos and Brews party invitation for your adults-only bash. To keep things distanced, create a party space in your yard, or better yet, make it a neighborhood-wide party. Work with your city to block off the streets to create some more room for extra fun distanced socializing.

4. Ghosts in the Graveyard

Who else grew up spending summer nights playing ghosts in the graveyard? To create a Halloween party that school-age kids will love, make this game the focus.

Wait until after dark, then adjust this classic outdoor game into a hands-off one by using flashlights instead of hands to tag each other. Invite over a group of friends to play and have prizes on hand for the winner of each round. Complete the night with a bonfire for a picture-perfect autumn evening.

Enjoy the season and get creative this year! Happy Halloween!