Another year, gone in a blink and once again, it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah. This year, delight your friends and family by sharing family photos on a Hanukkah card that’s perfectly personalized just for you.

Our newest Hanukkah cards are beautifully modern, full of custom details and star the cutest family around – yours!

Shine Bright (Literally!)

You’ll notice a theme of light, love and peace on so many of our newest card designs. Our foil Hanukkah cards are stunningly gorgeous and available in traditional metallic colors like gold and silver, but also can be customized in three different shades of blue. Cobalt, cerulean or teal – it’s impossible to go wrong when choosing one of these foil colors.


Pure Simplicity

If simple (and easy!) appeals to you, you’ll love this simple Hanukkah card. Add your photo, write a message to your loved ones and you’ve created a one-of-a-kind card that’s simple, but bursting with style.


Happy Chrismukkah

We’ve had so many requests for Chrismukkah cards! Whether your family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, or you’re looking for an inclusive (and funny!) cards, this Chrismukkah card is the one for you!


Packed with Photos

Everyone loves receiving a Hanukkah card that’s packed with photographs. Share snapshots off your camera roll, or create a picture-perfect card by using images from your family photoshoot. Our folding Hanukkah cards are perfect for packing in a million photos.


Modern Tradition

If you’re looking to honor tradition, but want modern style, this menorah Hanukkah card is our top choice. The menorah illustration, sweet message and your photos come together in perfect harmony.



Featured cards:

Peace Love Light – Foil Hanukkah Card

Holiday Light – Foil Hanukkah Card

Hanukkah Greeting – Hanukkah Card

Happy Chrismukkah – Christmas Card

Hanukkah Wishes – Hanukkah Card

Menorah – Hanukkah Card