If there was ever a year to send out a New Year’s card, this is it! It’s time to leave 2020 in the dust and usher in a shiny new year. 2021, we’ve been waiting for you!

Funny New Year’s Cards


So, snap a photo (or five or twelve!) and create a New Year card that boldly declares farewell to 2020 while delivering big laughs. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out…

1. Our Year

Understatement: 2020 wasn’t your year. But…2021 just might be! This funny New Year photo card will make your loved ones chuckle and has custom color options too.

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2. Up From Here

If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry over 2020, this just might be the perfect New Year card for you. The phrase “things can only go up from here” greets your loved ones in super-cute style. And, the folded format is unique and lets you add tons of fun photos.

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3. Send Wine  

Some might call it a cry for help. You call it your New Year’s card. Who knows, maybe someone will come through and a bottle of pinot will magically appear on your front step! A mom can dream…

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4. Dumpster Fire

Welcome 2021 by commemorating 2020, a real dumpster fire of a year. We’re not responsible for anyone snorting coffee through their nose when they open this card.

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5. Setting the Bar Low

Sigh. If you’re a realist, here’s your holiday card.

Featured products: Setting the Bar Low


6. Recall the Year

Why not say good-bye to 2020 with a holiday card with a slight political spin? After all, anything goes this year!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Bring on 2021!